Recent changes affecting FHA mortgage loans

Fannie Mae pricing adjustments for 2011

Pricing adjustments based on credit scores went into effect for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in January 2011. These adjustments made FHA loans a better alternative for consumers with a sub-680 credit score.


The FHASecure refinance program is for borrowers struggling with making payments on their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). FHASecure is for borrowers who have a good history of mortgage payments, but have had trouble keeping up after an interest level reset. FHASecure has three main eligibility requirements:

  1. The borrower must currently have a Non-FHA ARM that has reset
  2. The borrower must have sufficient income to make payments
  3. The borrower must have had a history of on-time payments before the interest rate reset

FHASecure offers the benefits of lower monthly payments and makes it possible for many Americans to avoid foreclosure.

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